CTT | Humidity In Balance

Business & Mission Statements

CTT is empowered by a dominating position in a fast growing market niche with significant barriers-to-entry.

At CTT, we are convinced that we have the ability, the business plan and the experience for leveraging and growing our business as a specialized niche provider; always being on-top for our customers in order to effortlessly improve our cost-saving and revenue-generating products. Our Aerospace Products for maintaining “Humidity in Balance” reward airlines, people onboard and the environment.


CTT focuses on design, development, certification and production of products for active humidity control in the aircraft, for non-condensation in the structures and for active humidification of flight deck, crew rest and passenger cabin areas.

Our products improve airline economics by lowering costs for operations, maintenance and from lowering crew sick leave; as well as supporting the top-line from boosting the airline brand as caring for the environment and/or being a premium full-service airline with CAIR™ for passengers wellbeing and boosting the over-all airline experience.


The CTT mission is to enlighten and convince the aerospace industry that by obtaining “Humidity in Balance” on all aircraft – airlines, passengers and the environment will be beneficiary rewarded.