CTT | Humidity In Balance

About us

CTT Systems AB (“CTT”), headquartered in Nyköping, Sweden and listed on the Small Cap of the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm AB, is the leading provider of aerospace products for active humidity control; inside the aircraft cabin – for increasing humidity – and in the aircraft structures – for preventing condensation.

Our many-years-in-service-proven and OEM-awarded Products solve a paradox problem in commercial aircraft with too dry cabin air for passengers and with too wet aircraft structures due to condensation.

Our products solve the humidity paradox by always maintaining “Humidity in Balance” in the aircraft; for the entire life-time; providing multi-values for airlines, such as lowering operational and maintenance costs and improving guest experiences of the current premium offering as well as for future cabin interior upgrades and for coming product/service evolution.

CTT CAIR™ is dominating the VIP humidification market segment with 95 aircraft installations flying on all Boeing and Airbus VIP platforms. Our Commercial Aircraft Products for non-condensation in the fuselage and humidification of cockpit, crew rest and cabins are market and technology leading:

Boeing 737 NG: BFE option
Retrofitting all Boeing/Airbus Platforms
A350XWB: SFE Option
B777X: SFE Option
Boeing 777: Retrofit
A380/A330: Retrofit
Boeing 787: Basic in Crew Rest (CRC). SFE in Flight Deck
B777X: SFE option for Flight Deck/OFCR/OFAR
A380: SFE option for CRC
A350XWB: SFE option for Flight Deck/CRC
  • CTT has products installed with more than 50 airlines operating over 900 aircraft with our equipment installed.
  • CTT has extensive experience and deep know-how from more than 20 years of successful airline retrofit installations; totaling more than 450 retrofitted aircraft at over 30 airlines worldwide.
  • CTT is awarded sole-source for all nextgen widebody aircraft programs: A380, A350, B787 and B777X. For both B787 and B777X CTT is tier-1.
  • IATAs report on fuel-saving measures is now including Zonal Drying ™ as one of the few available fuel-saving systems for retrofitting.